Wildlife & Animal Removal

When you partner with Critter Control® Boston, you’ll have access to:

Wildlife removal and prevention services from a family owned and operated business 

Professional wildlife handling from our licensed and insured technicians 

Humane wildlife management and eco-friendly animal control alternatives 

Restoration options for rodent-related damage, including attic insulation replacement

Removal, cleanup, and sanitization of nests created by rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels

Block or wood entry point repair with industrial-strength sealants and durable materials 

Residential and commercial developments are popping up across the country, leaving less room for wildlife to feed, breed, and nest. That’s why more and more critters are turning to local homes and businesses for shelter, and more property owners are turning to Critter Control® for services like:  

Common Wildlife Problems

Damage repair

Dropping cleanup

Attic noise inspection

Odor removal

Carcass removal

Chimney nest removal

Dead animal removal

Humane animal trapping

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Wildlife Management for Your Home or Business

Residential Services

Costly damage, widespread contamination, and potential infection are just a few of the ways a wildlife infestation can put your home at risk. If you spot an unwanted animal anywhere inside your home, contact our certified and highly trained technicians for inspection, removal, restoration, and prevention.

Commercial Services

A wildlife infestation in your business can affect your revenues, operations, and employee satisfaction. That’s why our expert animal technicians offer permanent wildlife management solutions for industrial complexes, property management firms, retail stores, food and beverage facilities, and more.

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Our certified wildlife specialists are on call 24 hours a day to deal with your wildlife emergency.

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